Starting A New Job

June 21st, 2016

I lost my job last year, and a friend of mine helped me find some part time work. Today I started my new job at the flower shop. I was a bit nervous, but I was looking forward to having a job again. When I arrived, the Harrogate florist was waiting for me. She was a warm and welcoming person.

The shop was amazing. There were flowers everywhere, and they were arranged in the loveliest bouquets and arrangements I have ever seen. I thought I would just be cleaning up and running errands for this woman. She told me I would do some of that, but she was determined to teach me how to create unique floral designs. I told her I knew nothing about design. She said that was okay, and she proceeded to teach me how to do it. I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to go back to work for her tomorrow.

Aged Dreams

March 17th, 2016

The idea of playing music for a living was a dream early in my life. I grew up listening to jazz, blues and swing music from records in my boyhood home. These styles called to me as they were upbeat and deeply rooted in the South as I am Georgia born. The saxophone was a wailing call to my soul. Its unique sounds and range made my desire to play as I got older. The time middle school came around, money was rare in my family. I spend 2 years saving from my grass cutting money and little birthday gifts to get this one goal of mine. Finally, at the summer of twelve years old, I became a saxophonist. The time was when I walked into a local pawn shop to find beaten, tarnished saxophone with a torn, banged up hard wooden case. The sax was older than my mother but had the story I was looking for. My life of a saxophone player Manchester was in the start and now I could seek my true calling.

Growing with Help

November 27th, 2015

My business has been steadily growing over recent days and I love to watch as it improves and as more individuals are drawn in. I am excited to see how my business will improve as time continues to go on thanks to the experiential marketing that is in place. I have found the right kind of marketing assistance for my business and I am happy with what I am getting. I know that I will be able to see my business continue to move forward thanks to the help of the marketing that I have chosen for it. My business is my world and I am so happy that I have found the kind of marketing assistance that is helping it to grow and be all that it is meant to be.


November 26th, 2015

I have been a performer in the circus since I was nine years old. I love every day of it. One may think that we are all a bunch of odd balls and freaks but they are wrong. We are just normal folks not unlike anyone else. We laugh, we play, we work hard. The only difference is that our place of work is a public forum for all to see. I love it, God knows I love it so. The cheers and reaction of the crowds stimulates every one of my senses. The spot lights, the sounds of the performers swinging, dancing and taming. I watch not from the center ring but from beneath the sound of the crowd and action. I see the expression of each performer as they prepare their craft and I know I am in every performance for I prepare every performer. You see; I am a bridal makeup artist Manchester.

Cosplay Clumsiness

October 3rd, 2015

If you don’t know, it is common for anime geeks (aka otaku) to dress up as characters from their favorite anime to go to conventions (aka cosplaying). I’ve only done it once, but it was quite the experience. First, my friends and I spent weeks choosing our characters. In the end I went with Misa from Death Note because I didn’t have to buy or sew that much for my costume. I just pulled out the right outfit from my closet and bought a blonde wig. At the convention tons of people complemented me on my costume and even asked for hugs! It was great! I even entered the costume contest. During the contest I tripped and fell off the stage onto one of the event staff London. I was so embarassed! Despite that I had a great time, but my friends still tease me about my “cosplay clumsiness.”

Teaching Kids to Love Art

September 25th, 2015

I work as a high school art teacher, and I am always struggling to find new ideas to use in my classroom. I want kids to get inspired to be creative and use their talents in ways they never thought possible. However, teens can get bored easily, so it is important for me to keep them guessing about what we will be working on next.

I recently tried something new that really got the teenagers excited about their projects. I asked the kids to use recycled glass media to create artwork for their parents as a way to thank them for all they do for them on a daily a basis. The kids really got into this personal project and made pieces that were so awesome that we held a parent night and displayed them for them for everyone to see. The parents were emotional, the kids were happy, and I was exhausted!

Throne Room Extraordinaire

September 9th, 2015

I woke this morning to the sound of destruction. It’s amazing how one’s brain goes through a series of electrified scrambles when a loud and unnatural sound jolt’s it awake. I jumped up to investigate while rubbing the sleep from my tired eyes. Today, getting to my bathroom was like climbing a mountain of hazardous household items. On the way, I tripped over my overturned laundry basket. Then, my foot caught in the piles of laundry on the floor and I was lost. In what seemed like slow motion, I fell the rest of the way into my bathroom. In the midst of my fall I found myself cursing my twenty five pound cat. I put my hands out to catch myself. Looking up, I see a hole where my soap dish and some tile was located just last night. I’ve realized it’s time for me to compare Bolton bathrooms.

Making your Place Look Environmentally Friendly

August 30th, 2015

Whether you have decided to put green walls in your home, outside your home, or in your office, you are making your place look environmentally friendly by adding some green for decorations. Instead of purchasing decorations to decorate your home or office and throwing them away you will be able to keep your green decorations for as long as you can stand having them around.

By making your place look environmentally friendly, you have responsibilities to take care of your green decorations because they have to be watered. If you have them located outdoors and you live where it rains all the time, then you would not necessarily need to water them that often. You must water them and put them by the place where the sun will shine the most so they will live forever.

Once your home or office has been decorated to look environmentally friendly, you will be able to attract more visitors to your home because of how great your place will look. Depending on the size of your office you may only have one hedge by your office window to make your office seem more friendly.