Making your Place Look Environmentally Friendly

August 30th, 2015

Whether you have decided to put green walls in your home, outside your home, or in your office, you are making your place look environmentally friendly by adding some green for decorations. Instead of purchasing decorations to decorate your home or office and throwing them away you will be able to keep your green decorations for as long as you can stand having them around.

By making your place look environmentally friendly, you have responsibilities to take care of your green decorations because they have to be watered. If you have them located outdoors and you live where it rains all the time, then you would not necessarily need to water them that often. You must water them and put them by the place where the sun will shine the most so they will live forever.

Once your home or office has been decorated to look environmentally friendly, you will be able to attract more visitors to your home because of how great your place will look. Depending on the size of your office you may only have one hedge by your office window to make your office seem more friendly.

Gay Conversations in the Media

August 28th, 2015

Between the gubernatorial debates regarding the legality of gay marriage vs civil unions and mainstream television shows touting main characters with a rainbow of sexualities, the gay community has received plenty of media attention of late. This is particularly important, because by emphasizing diversity on television, the media opens the eyes of the country to the realities of gay life.

This is particularly important because of the impact it has on the upcoming generation of LGBTQ youth. By exposing both youth and parents to a diversity of sexualities through the lives of their favourite television characters, it raises awareness and opens a dialogue between parents and their children. Regardless of whether these children identify as straight, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered, through discussing with their family, friends and gay dating about LGBTQ issues, they elevate their understanding and help perpetrate acceptance in their community.